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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a developing story on our roads. stepped up police patrols, as officers try to put right now at 11:00, a developing story on our roads. stepped-up police patrols as officers try to put a stop to some dangerous stunts. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. boosting their presence to keep drivers safe. police in the east bay cracking down on those illegal sideshows that can shut down streets and freeways. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is in oakland right now. and sergio, this is not just the east bay.
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we've seen these all oaf the bay area. >> reporter: they have been all over the bay area, but for some reason this evening there were several social media posts advertising a large sideshow or several sideshows here in oakland. and as we speak right now, we understand there is an operation going on over at 102nd and international. right now officers are trying to -- they are interacting with a large group of cars, probably about 100 right now. officers rolled out as part of their stepped-up police presence tonight. the aim, to deter drivers and spectators from closing down any streets or freeways for the illegal sideshows. >> we're going to be out here. we're going to cite you. we'll make arrests. you know, we'll tow your vehicles. so don't come. >> reporter: police launched tonight's task force after spotting social media posts advertising sideshows in oakland. to stop drivers from participating, oakland police
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made several social media posts of their own. like this one that includes pictures of patrol cars and the department's helicopter on standby. and this one that reads "one of the first vehicles towed so far related to sideshow. police are hoping to get the word out about their efforts tonight." >> once they get stopped by police we'll send out their own messages and tweets saying we're serious, you don't want to come to this area, but we want to warn them ahead of time. why come in the first place? >> reporter: residents say they've been seeing these street spectacles more and more lately. >> it's been going on a lot out here in town. >> what do you think of them? >> it's dangerous. it's dangerous. >> reporter: now, we know that the oakland police department has had several squads of officers placed at different parts of the city so they can try to track these large groups of cars and pedestrians who gather. so far, though, throughout the evening it's been a bit of a cat and mouse game to actually catch up to these groups. reporting live in oakland, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area
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news. >> all right, sergio, thank you very much. president trump on his way to the philippines tonight after leaving vietnam. it's going to be his final stop on his asia tour. but it is the russia investigation that is once again the focus after controversial comments to reporters on board air force one. the president said he is done, done confronting russian president vladimir putin about his country's meddling in the 2016 campaign after more denials from putin. mr. trump dismissed the interference as a democratic hit job and called intelligence chiefs political hacks. but two hours later he appeared to back away from the controversy, saying he believes u.s. intelligence agencies, which have all concluded that russian meddling did take place. he went on to call for international cooperation. >> i think it's very important to get along with russia, to get along with china, to get along with vietnam, to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to solve. and frankly, russia and china in
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particular can help us with the north korea problem. which is one of our truly great problems. >> well, tonight another controversial tweet from the president in response to critical statements about him from north korea. the president tweeted, "why would kim jong un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat? oh, well. i tried so forward to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen." well, in an emotional veterans day message warriors star steph curry called for people to stop criticizing national anthem protests and instead to focus their energy on actually doing something to help veterans. nbc bay area's tom jensen here now with more on curry's stand today. >> curry's commentary is a response to the many comments on social media about athletes kneeling during the national anthem, what some say is disrespectful to veterans. a thought-provoking peace titled "the noise" in the "players tribune" written by one of the most popular athletes in the world. in it steph curry said instead
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of people focusing on controversies that play out on social media he'll now use his status to draw attention to the real-life issues facing military veterans. >> just try to cut through all that noise and make sure for my voice and my platform that, you know, that the conversations around how we can help people, how we can, you know, change our society for the better. >> reporter: for veterans curry said issues like homelessness, unemployment, health care, and mental health treatment have to be addressed. people can't just say thanks for your service and move on. >> give them the help they actually need. >> reporter: nba fans we talked with tonight applaud curry for being that voice for vets. >> he's got the platform to do it. definitely should be able to -- it would help out a lot. >> make sure we take care of these guys, that they get the proper health care, physical and mental. a lot of them have ptsd and ieshz. it's important we help them out. >> reporter: curry also addressed the controversial protests during the national anthem at professional sports games saying, "the practice
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actually pays tribute to vets, who told him it's those types of freedoms they fight for." his coach says curry "hit the nail on the head." >> the military is responsible for giving americans the right to free speech. and that's the beauty of our country. and on veterans day i thought it was a perfect way to celebrate our veterans. >> and curry was also asked about his absence during the national anthem at tonight's basketball game and whether he was making a political statement, and he said, terry, there was no statement, he just had a pregame personal matter to take care of. terry? >> all right, tom, thank you very much. we have posted steph curry's full statement on our website. so read that just log on to the link is right there on our home page. a solemn ceremony this morning on veterans day at the "uss san francisco" memorial. it's been 75 years since sailors lost their lives on board this
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ship, during the battle of guadalcanal, a turning point in world war ii. and in honor of the battle in the pacific marine and navy officers gathered to ring the bell for the 107 marines and sailors who died on the "uss san francisco" during that battle. happening tomorrow, another celebration for veterans day that's going to impact traffic. san francisco expected to welcome about 20,000 people tomorrow for its annual parade along the embarcadero. we've listed the the times where the parade starts and where it understand, as well as other celebrations taking place this weekend on our website, nbc bay new video out of san diego. this is the scene after a stairwell collapsed at an indoor gym. at least 20 kids have been injured. this happened about 8:00 this evening. three or four of the victims may have suffered spinal injuries. they were taken to the hospital. our sister station in san diego spoke with some of the kids who got out. >> i kind of heard like a crack, and then all of a sudden it just crashed down and i heard people
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screaming when it was coming down. >> are you going to go back after this? >> no. >> investigators are there trying to find out what made that stairwell collapse. the gym specializes in parkour, where visitors navigate difficult obstacle courses. new at 11:00, lights out in the east bay. a power outage impacted thousands of customers tonight. didn't last long. just a few minutes. this video taken from the dashcam in berkeley. there you go. power going out right around 6:00. about 22,000 customers impacted. again, it didn't last long. just a few minutes. came back on the court for that outage. still a mystery right now. a driver remarkably survives after a car veered off a freeway, landing on the street below. take a look at this. this is what the car looked like after landing. you can see, upside down. happened about 4:00 this morning off of eastbound 80 at vermont street in san francisco. fire department says the driver only suffered minor injuries after all that. well, we're learning more about a shooting on interstate 80 in fairfield.
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the chp now says it appears to be the result of road rage. happened about 9:00 this morning near air base parkway. highway patrol says two men in a gray suv opened fire on a white toyota camry as it was getting on the interstate. the driver of the camry was hit, taken to the hospital with major injuries. police say he's expected to survive. the suspects still on the loose tonight. some protesters raising their voices in germany during a climate conference. california governor jerry brown is there representing california and speaking out about president trump's decision to back out of the paris climate agreement. former vice president al gore also on hand there. they are all trying to rally the u.s. and the world to help fight climate change. >> if we take some of that noise, bottle it into energy, we'll get the job done. america, we're here, we're in, and we're not going away. >> earlier this year president
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trump said withdrawing from the agreement is both in america's economic interest and won't matter much to the climate. right now we're seeing increasing clouds as the first of three storms arriving over the next seven days aims in on the bay area. how much rain you could expect before the end of the weekend when we come right back. plus, rebel wilson. the latest actress to come forward about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. her toir, involving a famous male star. and to afford tickets to this show you really needed to be a fortunate son. a local concert with a $10,000 price tag per ticket. we'll explain why.
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yet another actress is speaking out about sexual harassment in hollywood.
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new at 11:00, yet another actress is speaking out about sexual harassment in hollywood. rebel wilson, best known for her "pitch perfect" role, claims she was harassed by a male star she did not name but who was in a position of power at the time. she says one incident happened while his male friends laughed, tried to film it on their phones. later she was asked to be nice and supportive of the male star. instead wilson says she told her story to as many people as she could to warn them about that man. she also says that early in her career she had an uncomfortable hotel room encounter with a top director. embattled alabama senate candidate roy moore doubled down against not just democrats but his own party today. moore is facing a growing firestorm over a report detailing allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers decades ago. during a public appearance at a veterans day celebration moore did not answer questions from reporters. instead he blasted the report and his accusers. >> they're desperate.
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this article is a prime example of fake news. to think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before, right before an election, to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. >> fellow republicans have pulled their support for moore and his critics are calling for him to drop out of that race. under alabama law it is too late to remove moore from the ballot before the election, which is next month. an investigation under way after visitors to disneyland came down with legionnaire's disease. nine patients contracted the disease. this is a couple months ago. legionnaire's is spread from contaminated water. a disneyland spokesperson says the park shut down two cool centers to rid the water of bacteria. three other people who never did visit the park also came down with the disease. the orange county health care agency is investigating the source of that outbreak.
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one last boom in the bay. this is from this morning. and this was the final implosion of the old bay bridge. we've been enjoying them for months now. that was it. the final two piers are now gone. caltrans says there was one small hitch today. a curious seal got inside the blast zone. marine mammal watchers were on scene, monitored the seal, made sure it swam away. and when it did they let loose. the series of implosions to demolish the old bay bridge. that bridge built back in 1936. took place over six weekends. all those implosions, remember, starting back in september. we've had them all for you. breaking news for you. this is new video showing you the scene at 102nd and international in oakland tonight as police reportedly bust up a sideshow there. we've been talking about this, that they were out in force, oakland p.d., chp, looking for these sideshows.
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they found one. a crackdown in the east bay going on. we'll continue to gather more information. no word yet on how many arrests after all you're seeing right there, going on right now in oakland. well, thousands of people lost it all in the north bay wildfires. they also lost all forms of transportation, not just cars but also bicycles. for a lot of kids that was too much, coming on top of everything else they lost. well, today the southern marin fire district spearhead the effort to give young fire victims bicycles and helmets. they assembled new ones, repaired old ones. they ended up giving out 540 bikes today. thanks to donors, sponsors, and a whole lot of effort. southern marin fire district is asking anyone interested in helping out here, look them up on go fund me or facebook. folks can also drop off gently used bikes at any of those southern marin fire stations. ♪ ♪ i wanna know ♪ have you ever seen the rain
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a very different kind of benefit concert for the victims of those north bay fires. this time headlined by rock and roll hall of famer john fogerty. he was the driving force behind credence clearwater. you probably remember. hope you remember. only 200 tickets on sale for the concert at the hamel family winery. but theerz where it's really different. those tickets cost 10,000 bucks each. 10,000 per. and they brought in $1.2 million. 1.2 million. john fogerty, way to go. all of which is going to be going to the fire victims. earlier this week the band together concert in san francisco raised more than 15 million for fire victims. john fogerty and credence clearwater, that was one of my main bands through high school and on into college. i love credence, love john fogerty. >> and what a wonderful cause. $1 million there. >> just like that. and there was only a couple hundred people there. gosh, would have been great to be there. >> and for a wonderful cause. >> absolutely. >> and the weather was nice. >> best weather for that.
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>> patchy fog setting up as we head for tomorrow morning. but get ready for more rain. at least three opportunities coming in over the next seven days. we'll start you off with what's happening outside right now. not too bad. partly cloudy in san francisco. we've got 56 degrees into the east bay. dublin 48. patchy low clouds. as we head into san jose, 54 degrees eventually by tomorrow morning waking up to some mid 40s for most of the bay area. lower 40s possible inland around walnut creek and livermore and into the north bay and close to 50 in san francisco. daytime highs tomorrow underneath increasing clouds. mid 60s around san jose and about the same trend heading to the tri-valley and inland east bay, closer to oakland and heyward, low 60s for highs. peninsula temperatures also in the same range low to mid 60s. close to 60 in half moon bay. low 60s from san francisco. and those same temperatures will follow you into the north bay. by this time tomorrow night we'll likely begin to see some rain. we've got a lot of clouds out there right now but the system is going to take a very slow
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march from north to south. mostly cloudy skies as we go through the day on sunday but notice the time stamp. through 5:00 nothing really has changed. we're seeing these batches of clouds coming on in. by 11:00 beginning to see the rain in the north bay. monday morning's commute for areas north of san francisco. looks like showers at 8:00 a.m. then as we head toward 4:00 across the central bay. but notice how the system kind of weakens. at the time it approaches san jose at 11:00 monday night. needless to say the biggest rain totals that are the first of three weather vichlz will be north of san francisco with lighter amounts as you get into san jose and the south bay. now we have our second system arriving right around wednesday evening into thursday. we'll catch a bit of a break we think around friday and then another system follows as we get into saturday and sunday. next weekend plan on a little more rain. in terms of rainfall totals, that mid-week system will pack a bigger punch, may approach just over a half inch in san jose. by friday north bay looking at about an inch or more. and check out the sierra
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mid-week and next weekend that means a lot of snow by next weekend. by the end of the week we could see two to three feet of snow above 6,000 feet. good news for the rest of your weekend plans. tomorrow looks dry. monday morning for the north bay, slowly moving south. and that mid-week system arrives but dry breaks in between. rain make a comeback. >> i think you're getting a standing ovation from every skier in our audience. >> lake tahoe's been looking for that snow. >> excellent job, rob. ahmad fareed joins us after the break with the warriors' record night. what record? you'll find out after this.
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the golden state warriors set a franchise record tonight, winning their sixth straight game by more than 15 points.
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wow. here's ahmed faried. >> ahmed fareed here from the xfinity sports desk. the warriors lost three games this year but offensively they have been elite once again. averaging more points per possession this year than last year when many argued they had the best offensive season in nba history. so they're even better this year, taking on the philadelphia 76ers. this was not good early on. steph curry takes a knee to the quad. he had to leave the game. he would come back. but we'll have to monitor that, see if he does miss any time. kevin durant did not miss many shots in the first half. 7 for 11 from the field including 2 for 2 from three land. he scored 20 points. the warriors led by one at the half. it was tied at 74 in the third quarter, but then the dubs went on a huge run. klay thompson for three. they were up seven. and then check out this pass from sean livingston. behind the back. klay again. warriors have won six straight. they go on to win 135-114.
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>> second straight game where we had a ton of first half turnovers. and then it seems like things settled down. yeah, we want to put it together, obviously, for four quarters. but right now it seems like we're just kind of treading water for a while, then getting going on the second half. >> it's the ninth straight time that the warriors have beaten philly. they'll get a chance to make it ten straight this saturday. the two square off in philadelphia. that'll do it for sports. i'm ahmed fareed.
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hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. chase. these are guide dogs for the blind, in training. the group took a field trip they're barely full grown but they're already hard at work. these are guide dogs for the blind in training. the group took a field trip today on san francisco's muni. the dogs rode the j church to
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get used to the sight, sounds, and vibrations of the light rail train. it really helps give visually impaired people a very important sense of freedom. way to go, guys. guide dogs for the blind. "saturday night live" up next.
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mr. vice president, alabama senate candidate roy moore is here. >> oh, great. send him in. [ applause ] >> how are you doing? >> roy, i don't have to tell you that the senate hangs in the balance. we are tin


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